Leadership Team

Darryl Weinbren

President – Western Canada

Born in South Africa, Darryl Weinbren began his career in the alcohol beverage industry when he was a university student by working in retail management and as a personal assistant to the Managing Director of a major Johannesburg based import/distribution company. After arriving in Canada, Darryl was given the opportunity to convert the Vintage Wine Club of Vancouver into an import agency, Vintage Consultants. Vintage went on to be the largest wine importer in Western Canada as Darryl launched a number of large brands including Wolf Blass Yellow Label which pioneered the premium segment for Australian wines in Canada. Vintage Consultants became Remy Canada which then eventually became part of Maxxium Worldwide where Darryl was appointed President of Maxxium Canada. Darryl left Maxxium to form a new import agency called Authentic Wine & Spirits Merchants.

Richard Carras

Executive Vice President – Western Canada

Richard entered the wine industry building a company called Vintage Consultants for 17 years. By focusing on wine education and quality, Richard helped grow Vintage to one of the largest and most dynamic fine wine & spirit agencies in Western Canada. Richard was also involved in the early development of the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival. In 1997 Richard began working with the Robert Mondavi Winery, gradually taking on the role of Export Sales Director, Asia and the Americas. In 2006 Richard became a partner in the newly formed Western Canada wine importing agency Authentic Wine & Spirits Merchants and has helped grow the agency to become a leading importer in Western Canada.

Natalie Schiewe

Vice President Marketing  – Western Canada

Natalie brings a wealth of marketing communications expertise from her background in brand management, PR, and event marketing. She began her career in the beverage alcohol industry as Assistant Brand Manager for Mark Anthony Group Inc where she oversaw national marketing programming. Her portfolio included domestic brands, notably the flagship winery Mission Hill and volume driven brands Prospect Winery, Wild Horse Canyon and Sonora Ranch. Natalie has widened her industry knowledge with imported wine and spirits since joining Authentic in May 2008.

Trevor Batchelder

Vice President Sales – Western Canada

Trevor joined Authentic in May 2008 and brings over 18 years of industry experience from a variety of managerial roles. Trevor started his career managing the first private Liquor Store in Southern Alberta from where he was recruited to join Darryl and Richard at Vintage Consultants/Remy Canada.  Trevor’s years of experience selling in a private market is bolstered by his time spent based in BC as the Western Canada Marketing Manager for Maxxium Canada.